Paidamoyo Edgar Sajeni was born in Harare on 25 July 1991. He showed a great interest in art and design from a very young age. After completing high school in Nyanga, Zimbabwe, he enrolled with the National Gallery School of Visual Arts and Design in Harare, graduating in 2016. One of his greatest inspirations is the work of Leonardo da Vinci. Paidamoyo is fascinated with his family’s roots and history, having been moved around Zimbabwe extensively as a young child, with no clearly defined home.

Artist’s Statement

“My work is influenced by questions of personal identity, my genealogy and my love for music, mathematics and visual representation. My images are rooted in the traditional symbols and patterns that exist in my cultural upbringing, together with the ones I have been exposed to whilst moving around Zimbabwe. I interrogate the meanings of symbols and design elements that I grew up with  and create a fusion which becomes the central focus of  my work.

My body of work is a mixture of printmaking and painting.”