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Amanzi Restaurant
158 Enterprise Road, Highlands, Harare
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Amanzi Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe

Frederick Thommasson Coffee Jr.

An artist full of character and charisma who will quite literally, tell it like it is. Frederick Thommasson Coffee Jr. 85 going on 18 years old, born in Louisville Kentucky USA 1928.

The artistic love affair started at the age of 9, when Tom, who was the youngest student ever to win Saturday Art Classes at Louisville School of Art. At 19 Tom joined the 11th Airborne as a Paratrooper spending 18 months in Japan in Hakodate, Hokido. From there he joined the US Navy and was based in New York for 3 years. After a short stint at New York University, Tom went on to study art at New York Modern School of Art ( where he won a 3 year scholarship ) attending several workshops with Andrew Wyeth and Norman Rockwell, where he fell in love with their style, but strove to keep his own identity and style as an artist. 

Tom moved to Africa 1962 where he was extra in the film Lawrence of Arabia and also appeared in Cliff Richard’s first musical “Summer Holiday.” Apart from one flat tyre, Tom drove from Paris to Cape Town down the West Coast of Africa, he was one of the first to accomplish this daring drive. Tom landed up in Rhodesia in 1978 where he became Chief Development Officer for Matabeleland North, stationed in Binga. For 35 years Tom did not paint, apart from the odd picture here or there. After Tom’s wife passed away, he retired to Juliasdale, Nyanga where his neighbour Irene Duggins prodded him to paint again.

The love affair resurrected itself and Tom painted over 200 pieces in 12 years, of which majority of his pieces where sold onto French tour groups.
Due to our economic climate the tours ceased, along with his art but not before he completed a 6 meter long mural depicting the adventures of tourists “From Cairo to Cape Town”. 

Tom’s artistic life story has been touched by all facets of culture, style and genre, ranging from Broadway Musicals to Japanese Culture to the beauty and serenity of the Eastern Highlands here in Zimbabwe. Tom continues to paint to this day, regardless if it sells or not.

We are very proud to display his work within the Amanzi Gallery.

‘More or less prefer animals to people as they don’t contradict me’ 
Frederick Thommasson Coffee Jr.

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