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Amanzi Gallery, Harare, Zimbabwe

Sylvester Mubayi

Amanzi Gallery is featuring Sylvester Mubayi who sculpted the ‘Mischievous Baboons’. A piece of art which has caused much interest and conversation since its introduction to the gallery. 

Sylvester was born in 1942 in the Chiota Reserve, near Marondera. After leaving school Sylvester worked as a tobacco grader and moved to Harare in 1966 to seek employment at Chibuku Breweries. In 1967 he joined the Sculptors Community at Tengenenge. Later he was a founder member of the Vukutu Workshop School established by Frank McEwan, who much later in 1987 said of him, “Certainly when I knew him, he was by far the greatest sculptor there, I have tremendous admiration for him, some of his work is as great as anything in the world.”

Sylvester now lives and works in Chitungwiza. His work is inspired by a world of spirit and supernatural forces, often fusing people and the animal world. Skeletons inspired his early work. He has exhibited extensively since 1968 in many parts of the world and has work in major collections in Europe and North America.

Just shy of 50 years in the sculpting world, Sylvester has watched as the skill and art form has shaped and progressed within Zimbabwe. The link below shows an interview he did recently on the history of Shona sculpture. 

Sylvester is a proven expert in his field and we are thrilled to have his work with us in The Amanzi Gallery.

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