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Social Responsibility
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Social Responsibility

In 2010, Andrew and Julia Mama challenged their eldest son, Dante to involve himself in a local charitable project during the school holidays. He decided to use his sporting expertise to create fun games amongst orphaned children, and was introduced to The Just Children Foundation by a family friend. Dante has a natural gift with children, and his first encounter with the orphanage was a truly inspirational experience. The children have materially so little, yet so much joy for life.

It became immediately evident to Dante when he visited the Faith and Hope Centre that the children's needs were far greater than merely 'chucking a ball around in the dust'. They had neither running water nor working sanitary facilities, two of the most basic of requirements. They needed his help.

After much thought, Dante came up with the inspired idea that Amanzi could donate a dollar a dinner per dining guest at the family restaurant. This would help raise the necessary finance to meet the children's needs.

Hence the launch of the “Dollar-a-Dinner” concept, raising as much as $20,000 in the first three years.

Since 2014, the Dollar-a-Dinner concept has changed and grown, now ensuring that one dollar per dining table each night is donated by guests to Amanzi's chosen charity. Our mission at Amanzi is to support children in need and do our best to help the one million homeless children of Zimbabwe.

The Amanzi Dollar-a-Dinner fund, has catapulted the support of additional individuals and organisations in the form of time, skill and donations. The generous donors are listed on our Donors page.

Amanzi is currently supporting The Foundations Project and is receptive to other accountable and transparent worthy causes.

As a result of our Dollar-a-Dinner Fund, when next you dine at Amanzi, you can know for certain that your $1 contribution will make a difference to the future of a child.

With your support, we are all helping create a better future for the homeless children of Zimbabwe.

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